Courtney Stephen

Pro Athlete . Pro Speaker

Leadership Development Specialist


"I equip students with the Mindset & Skills they need to become confident leaders." - C. Stephen

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast



“What Elite Performers Know and Do Differently.”

Four strategies to develop supreme confidence.

Mental Health

“Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Trust Yourself.”

Change anxious energy into a positive outlook.

Growth Mindset

“Turn Adversity Into Energy.”

Changing your focus can change your life forever.

Team Building

Success is a Decision.”

Three choices that all successful people have to make.

Group Training

Future Leaders

Maximize Confidence
How to communicate with clarity and conviction.

Magnify Influence
The law of reciprocity and the power of creating win/wins.

Multiply Results
How to build and lead productive teams.

Personal Branding

Finding your motivation.

Setting goals for the future that can guide your day to day actions.

Never compromise your character.

Student SUrvival Guide

The Psychology of Learning
How your brain works - in a nutshell.

Study Skills
Academic success strategies.

Personal Development
How to plan for a future you are still unsure about.



what people are saying about Courtney

Motivational speaker for corporate events, leadership training, employee engagement, and team building in toronto, mississauga, brampton, vaughan, and york region

Wilson Blanchard Management

“Courtney was an excellent speaker and I got many good comments about him. Everyone I talked to thought he was great! Absolutely loved his presentation.” 

- VP Wilson Blanchard Management 

Youth mentorship programs in peel region, durham region, and halton region.

Turner Fenton Secondary School

"Creative, relatable and witty! Courtney created a warm and inviting atmosphere for students to relate, reflect and grow through their experience. Thank you for sharing your story!"

high school mentorship programs for at risk students

Pickering High School

"Courtney spoke to a small group of grade 11 and 12 Pickering High School students about his experience with football and the life lessons he learned from his successes and failures. It is very rare that someone can captivate the attention of this group of young men to the point where they are silent and Courtney was able to do that. The students were so interested that they stayed after the session to talk more with him. Some of the students even said that they could have listened to him speak for another two hours. In a very short time he was able to genuinely connect with students and we are excited to continue our relationship with Courtney in the future!"