The 1% Perspective: Do The Work That Your Competition Won't (Part 3)

The Separation is The Preparation

I am a firm believer that confidence is a direct result of practice.

Often, we wait a long time for the right opportunity. Sometimes weeks, months, or even years!

Then, once we finally get the opportunity we start to feel the pressure mount. The anxiety of weighing all the possible outcomes begins to cloud your mind and impede your confidence. Our emotions take over, and our performance can fall off dramatically when it matters most.

So, how do you give yourself the best chance to  overcome self-doubt? What do you need to do in order to become unstoppable? 

Commit to Consistent Ambition

Momentary flashes of motivation can get you energized and moving in the right direction, but once the buzz from your last pep talk wears off, you still have to find ways to push through and grind for your goals. It's not easy to make consistent progress day after day, but the formula for stacking up wins is actually very simple.

Step 1: Find out what actions will bring you closer to your goals.

Step 2: Take those actions as often as possible. 

Consistency is the key that unlocks success in most situation. Consistency is also one of the few character traits shared by the world’s highest achievers in every industry.


Every challenge that you navigate while you prepare reduces the number of excuses in your subconscious that stand between you and your goal. Every challenge that you decode before the test begins is an algorithm you can use when a similar problem presents itself.

Once you have a solid game plan, suddenly every high-stakes scenario is a familiar storyline that you have already played out hundreds of times in your mind.

Preparation gives you options. It puts tools in your tool belt.

Practice sharpens your reflexes. It gives you the advantage of speed and dexterity.  

When you are consistent, and you take action to reach your potential on a regular basis, you will find clarity that is unattainable by any other means. 

So, what's the secret to becoming unstoppable?

  1. Consistent Ambition to keep you moving.
  2. A Game Plan to point you in the right direction.
  3. Daily Practice to build your confidence and prepare you for your moment.
  4. Patience to stay committed while you wait on your moment.