Success is a Series of Decisions (Part 1)

EVENT: Guest Appearance - Everest Academy

I had a chance to spend the afternoon with 200+ elite student-athletes at a private school just outside of Toronto.

I told them that success was merely a series of well thought out decisions. That the path to great success is actually very simple, but by no means is it easy.

My emphasis was on finding clarity. Setting specific goals that you could measure against and work towards. With these goals in mind, then you will be able to determine what types of habits and routines you will have to build into your life in order to reach those goals. Finally, with your plan in hand and a thorough understanding of the strategies you will need to accomplish your goal, the only thing left to do is decide that nothing and no one will stop you.

Let me know what your views on goal setting are in the comments.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Video by: Ryon McCalla - Make It Entertainment