Career Path of a Professional Athlete

EVENT: Careers Panel Discussion - Dr. Frank J Hayden Secondary School

I visited a local high school to share experiences from along my career path with 30-40 student-athletes who were just weeks away from graduation.

My message was mainly about the gradual process of discovering my passion. Along a road with many highs and lows, I realized that it would take full commitment to transform goals into accomplishments.

The Q & A style talk was great because it gave us panel members a chance to really engage with the students and inject some personality into the presentation. 

Other Topics:

  • The benefits of networking and building valuable relationships right now.
  • Why you need to be authentic and staying true to yourself.
  • The process of finding your passion and following through on it.
  • Doing the work, making the sacrifices, and avoiding the regrets.


Video by: Ryon McCalla - Make It Entertainment