Raise Your Bar: How sacrifices make you stronger

Why not push your limits?

It does no good to stay within your comfort zone all that time.

One thing that I learned about myself while playing football is that we are capable of doing considerably more than we give ourselves credit for. 

In the long run, if we truly commit to something and make the necessary sacrifices, our only limitation is time.

Get Uncomfortable

The best way to learn is through experience.

Most people will never realize their full potential because they avoid situations that demand their absolute best effort. They hide from the discomfort of growth because it is always easier to do what you already know and stick to what works.

But what if you could achieve something more significant?

What if you had abilities locked inside of you that could change your life forever?

So, why not challenge yourself to be your absolute best?

Don't wait for the perfect time to have your best performance. Practice executing at a high level every single day. Create a new normal. Raise your bar. Be Great!

When you get used to doing YOUR best, suddenly it doesn't matter where you are or with whome you are competing. It's all about you. Only you.

And guess what...

No one else can reach your potential for you.

So, raise your bar. You're more talented than you could ever imagine.