Success Habits: Who do you have to be? (Part 2)

Why it's important to Create Winning Habits.

Once you figure out what your goals are and you become laser-focused on a crystal clear mission objective, the next step is determining what actions will bring you closer to your desired outcome. 

They say that we don't "Rise to the Occasion" when challenges arrive. Instead, we are more likely to "Fall Back" on our preparation, whatever that may be. So, make sure that you prepare yourself to succeed by building positive routines and productive habits that will guide you in the right direction.

"Success is a Series of Decisions"

This talk was the second segments in a three-part presentation called "Success is a Series of Decisions."

The second decision is about choosing who you want to be. Determining which values you believe in and how the way you live needs to align with those values.

Take a second to reflect on your values. Ask yourself if your actions are entirely in line with your goals, 

I hope these words make you stop and think.

But don't stop there...

Take action!

Even if it's something small, start today with one step in the right direction.

  • Write your goals on paper.
  • Make a To-Do list.
  • Exercise for 10 minutes.
  • Have one healthy meal.
  • Start your homework a little earlier.
  • Open that book and read one page.
  • Put a $10 more into your savings this week.

Whatever action will bring you closer to your goal, do that.

Don't worry about how close it brings you to your goal, just start getting momentum in the right direction.

Once you have momentum, then it's easier to pick up speed. 

Start Small.

Start Now.